Top 3 Strategies to Win Corporate Sponsors

The best return on the investment of a corporate sponsor is helping out the charity, but it doesn’t hurt if they receive a few (or more) perks! The best sponsorship packages offer value to the sponsor through the following strategies. First Strategy: Provide a ROI Obviously, the biggest Return on Investment (ROI) for a sponsor is … More Top 3 Strategies to Win Corporate Sponsors

Case of the Mondays

Did you receive a raise last year? The University of San Diego reported in their 2016 State of Nonprofits publication that in 2015, there was an 18% increase of total nonprofit wages.   Sadly, if you are a fundraiser, your salary stayed flat according to the AFP Salary Survey 2015. The mean (average) salary for fundraisers … More Case of the Mondays

Less-Than-Glamorous Essentials: Overhead Myth Revisted

I like the article that The Chronicle of Philanthropy published about funders giving significant donations to nonprofit overhead or as the article calls it “less-than-glamorous essentials”. It is exciting to see that funders are giving “general operating grants — the type of flexible funding that charities seek most…” Read the full article here and revisit my Huffington Post … More Less-Than-Glamorous Essentials: Overhead Myth Revisted

How-To Create a Successful Auction for your next Fundraising Event

  With the spring gala-season officially upon the philanthropic community, I wanted to share how to create a successful auction. I think the number one reason for success might surprise you.   Typically, fundraising events raise the bulk of the money in two ways: Sponsorships: sold pre-event Auction: silent/live at the event   The biggest … More How-To Create a Successful Auction for your next Fundraising Event