Matchy Matching

My many apologies for my neglect of the blog.  I’ve been busy with not one, not two, but three year end appeals.  So, I’ve been busy working up some heartstring stories and clever options to make donating easy. I think the biggest success I have seen this year is the Board match.  I’ve challenged each of the three organizations to ask their Board members to give before the letter is mailed out.  By combining the Board members’ donations, you will have a nice lump sum that you can use as a challenge amount in the letter — matching each new dollar.  The icing on the cake, is that the Board members give.  Many times it is hard to get your own Board members to actually give.  Do you know what I’m talking about?  Yes, you know it! The exciting part is that Board members tend to give more to a match.  To successfully complete this, I would recommend asking your Board chair to first make his or her donation.  At the Board meeting, ask your Chair to announce the donation and ask each Board member to make his or her own donation.  One client passed around a clipboard and each Board member wrote down how much they would donate… and committed to attending the letter signing party to write personal notes on letters.  How amazing is that?!?

Well, I hope that all your letters are at the mail house or in your donor’s mailboxes and you are looking forward to holiday parties and lots of cheer!


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