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Gen Y Donors

Did you read the article in the latest Chronicle of Philanthropy “Charities Seek Connections to Generation Y”? (The Chronicle of Philanthropy, May 6, 2010, Volume XXII, No. 12)

The articles discusses Gen Y (under 30 years old) donors and how they like to give and be connected to nonprofit organizations. Not surprisingly, social media and technology plays a big part in their donations and connections. I was impressed that the average amount that members of Generation Y donate annually is $341.

“Many charity officials and donors emphasize the importance of building relationships now with young people who will one day have more money to give away. They also stress the other contributions young people can make – as advocates, volunteers, fundraisers and marketers.”

Sounds like it is important that we begin to get the Gen Y-ers involvedtoday, to invest in tomorrow’s donors.

1 thought on “Gen Y Donors”

  1. Wow, this is super interesting. It makes me realize that nonprofit websites who are dragging their feet on implementing social media are really missing an important audience!

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