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“I can’t ask my friends for money”

How often have we heard that line from our Board and committee members and other volunteers?

Often they are willing to give to your organization themselves, but are terrified at the thought of asking their friends. Here are some suggestions on how to calm their fears:

When developing the potential donor list, you asked your Board members and volunteers to rate the donors based on their relationship to the organization and their capacity to give to the organization. Go back to those ratings and demonstrate to your Board/volunteer/committee member that this potential donor is willing and able to give.

1 = Highest interest in organization
A = Highest capability to donate

The proof is in the pudding. Show your “doubting Thomas” Board/committee/volunteer members this grid. Explain that their friends (aka donor prospects) have a high interest in the organization and a high capacity for giving.

Also, provide training for your Board members/volunteers/committee members and teach them how to solicit a donor.

If all else fails, offer to attend the donor solicitation meeting. The Board member/volunteer can speak about their passion for the organization, the gift that they made and why they think that this potential donor should give. You can make the specific ask.

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