Assembling the Strategic Plan

You finally made it to the stage where you can formulate the actual plan.

Strategic Plan Format

Major Goal #1

  • Objective #1
    • Action #1
    • Action #2
    • Action #3
  • Objective #2
    • Action #1
    • Action #2
    • Action #3

Based on the recommendations that were made from the results of the data collection, you will want to set 2-5 major goals for the organization.  Goals must be:

1. Specific.

2. Measurable.

3. Targeted.

4. Time specific.

Goal: Gain financial sustainability and stability for the Chula Vista Nature Center with a 15% reserve in three years.

You will then want to set objectives.  Objectives state how you will meet your goal.  If you want to gain financial stability, your objectives will probably be to increase revenue.

Objective #1:  Increase revenue through admissions, membership, food service, gift shop sales, and improved and diverse programming.

Objective #2:  Increase fundraising revenue and number of members.

You will then want to create actions to complete each objective.


  • Expand fee-based programming by a minimum of 15 % per year.
  • Continue to improve the guest lecturer series as a means of attracting new constituents and as part of the Membership program.
  • If cost effective, establish food service through a concessionaire, and establish a covered dining area.
  • Develop major gifts initiatives and plans for cultivation, solicitation, and participation of individual donors that results in a steady 15 % per year in major gifts each year.
  • Develop and implement a plan to cultivate community relationships using Board, staff, Executive Director and community partners to acquire advocates, acquire in-kind contributions, connect to community, cultivate donors and serve as ambassadors to public entities.

Do you have the right people in place to meet these goals and carry out the actions?  If so, assign each action to a specific staff member.  I also recommend putting down a reasonable deadline to complete the action.  If you don’t have the right team in place, one of your actions may be to hire new staff to fulfill specific goals.

Your strategic plan should be simply and easily laid out.  The document should be easy to read because you want your Board and staff to review it and utilize it.  You can include all the data you gathered and additional information in an appendix.

Staff should utilize the strategic plan to establish their individual and department responsibilities.  Staff needs to determine what type of support and resources they will need to accomplish each goal.  The strategic plan should be reviewed by the Board once a year.  Edits and revisions can be made as you accomplish your objectives or need to adjust them.


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