How do I get involved in the San Diego nonprofit community?

What a great question.  And one that was proposed to me recently.  I started thinking about the great nonprofit professional groups in San Diego, and here is what I came up with.  Please comment or email with additional local groups!

YNPN San Diego: Great networking group that was started by these two gals: Emily Davis and Heather Carpenter.  I highly recommend signing up for their listserve that sends out daily information on job postings, events and volunteer opportunities (

Association of Fundraising Professionals aka AFP San Diego: Great group of fundraisers who meet monthly for a chapter luncheon and guest speaker.  There are often monthly workshops, an annual conference and of course, National Philanthropy Day!

New Leader’s Council: An entrepreneurial leadership program for progressive young professionals. They have an informative blog and facebook page to inform you of all ongoing events.

Stay Classy San Diego: The slogan endeared to Diegans by Ron Burgundy has formed an incredible group that does online social fundraising — especially cool events.


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  1. Emily Davis says:

    Wow, Renee! Thanks for the shout out as always!!

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