Top 10: Most outrageous things I’ve done in my career

1. Bought an engagement gift for a donor’s dog.

2. Arranged for Jamie Lee Curtis to be flown in a private plane (provided by the charity’s Board member) off of the Freaky Friday set to the Hotel Del Coronado to speak at a 600-person event for an hour.

3. After September 11th, I needed a job and was desperate for health insurance.  I ended up working as a Marketing Associate marketing urine drug tests to truckers. And the company provided me with health insurance.

4. Many, many years ago, MTV called and wanted me (and a girlfriend) to be coaches on the show MADE.  Although it didn’t work out in the end, it sure was fun for the time being.

5. I had a gentleman who presented himself as potential client but it quickly became apparent that he ultimately wanted to date me.  (I didn’t engage in the dating, BTW).

6. Accepted a cardboard check on behalf of the charity from Ja Rule and Ashanti backstage at a concert at Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre.

7. Realized that Board meetings could be quite scandalous when two members are dating… and married to other people.

8. I’ve appeared on TV, radio and in print media.

9. In 2002, served “$2 buck chuck” wine at a $150/plate dinner because the Event Chair (who was one of the charity’s million dollar donors) thought it was “chic”.

10.  Hosted football great, Marshall Faulk, at a major donor event for the Boys and Girls Club.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Steph says:

    I stumbled across this when looking for your email. Hysterical post. Enjoyed reading it. Hope you are well. Good luck on the new book. I was in publishing for several years…I know it can be quite an adventure but always well worth it! Take care.

  2. reneeherrell says:

    Stephanie – Thanks for the great feedback! I may have to pick your brain at some point about publishing.

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