Interview with author Deirdre Maloney

If you’ve been reading my blog (thank you!), you know that I have been working hard at writing my first book (!). Writing a book is an incredible experience. Each author has a different process for writing, editing, and publishing.

Emily and I are co-authoring a book that will be published by Wiley. We responded to a call for proposals put out by the Association of Fundraising Professionals in partnership with Wiley Publishing. Wiley provides a small stipend (yay!), editors, graphic designers, book jacket artists, marketing, and so many more resources to make our book a success!

I interviewed a couple of my author friends about their experiences and you will see their stories below and next week. Enjoy!

Name: Deirdre Maloney

Occupation: Proudly Runs Momentum San Diego

# of books written: one

First job: waitress

Dream job: I’m looking at it

1.      Why are you writing a book?

I learned a number of painful lessons during my time operating a nonprofit, and found that I could help others avoid some of it. I’ve also found that my nonprofit strategies and perspectives tend to be a bit contrary to those of others, and that nonprofit leaders respond strongly to my writings, blogs, and presentations. It made sense to collect a portion of these perspectives and lessons and put into a book. Plus, I love writing!

2. Describe your writing process.

I do not have it in me to sit down and write for hours at a time. I wrote my book by writing five pages each day, then, when I got to the editing phase, by editing 10 pages each day. I had a very detailed outline before I started writing, and actually wrote it out of order, based on the section I felt led to write that day. I also brought in an outside expert to hold me accountable, giving her permission to get on my case if I didn’t submit 20 pages to her each week. I also asked my husband to ask me each evening if I’d written five pages that day (slightly dangerous, yes, but luckily it worked out fine).

3.      How are you publishing your book?

I’m self-publishing. Because I’ve brought in a professional to guide me in my writing, editing, packaging, distribution and promotion, I feel confident that my product and my process are solid. Also, because I’m finding nonprofit leaders reflect that they very much appreciate my messages, and things are critical in the sector right now, I don’t feel there’s time to waste. Self-publishing will be quicker.

4.      How will you utilize your book?

I plan to spread the message to my nonprofit network that this book is out and be ready to help nonprofit leaders think a bit differently about their work. I will also use it to illustrate credibility about the work I do through my company so that organizations feel confident in discussing potential partnerships.

5. What’s your next book?

I’m planning a compendium workbook to the text, so that nonprofits can do more than learn broad concepts. Instead, they can create their own plan to meet the customized needs of their unique organizations.

Deirdre’s book is due out in September, and you’ll be able to get it by accessing her website at that time. It’ll be in bookstores next spring.


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