Fundraising ‘Non-events’

Fundraising ‘non-events’  are an opportunity for participants to pay for the privilege of not attending a fund-raising event. This is a funny concept if you think about, but perhaps an effective one for both the charity and the individual attendee.

Special event fundraisers are very expensive and extremely labor intensive on the nonprofit side. For attendees, they are expensive. There is the ticket price, the cost of the dress or tux, shoes, accessories, hair cut, make up, etc. By not hosting the event, the charity and the attendee saves money.


Here is a great example:

The question is: would a mailed appeal like this inspire you to give like you would when you are attending an event?


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  1. Alex Scollon says:

    I think you could raise as much from attendees that are already on your list. But for me, and perhaps I do this differently, Major events are not really about the people already on your list, they are for the people your table sponsors bring, your coorprate connections and about getting new people engaged with your programs, yes the money part is important but only equaly as important as the new faces. Plus I don’t think I could get a $10,000 corporate sponsor to a Non Event but I might not be thinking of it correctly.

    As a diret mail piece I do like it and have used it in the past at a previous organization that did not have the time to put an event together. And perhaps you could use it instead of a second event, but I would never use it as a replacement even if it were even money the face time with major donors and potential donors is just to important.

    1. reneeherrell says:

      Great observation, Alex! I agree, this piece would make more sense as a second event instead of replacing your one annual event… as the event becomes an opportunity for your inner circle to bring their friends into your organization. Thanks for the great feedback!

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