It’s the little things


Recently, a client of mine had a successful cultivation experience that resulted in a successful donation… without a solicitation. At this organization, there are a handful of donors who had not given in three years. Judging by the database notes, they also have not been cultivated or stewarded for three years. No big surprise that they have not been making donations, right?


Together, we created a strategy to reengage these donors by inviting them to stewardship events as well as reaching out with a phone call to them to let them know how much we appreciate their support. Many times the Executive Director was only able to leave phone messages. We did not receive RSVPs for the events or return calls… but we did receive donations.


How could this work? I spoke to another consultant colleague of mine who said she had experienced the same thing with a client. She put it so eloquently: You need to put the organization in the forefront of the donor’s mind.


In the case of my client, the donor had a direct connection to the organization and enjoyed giving in the past, but without stewardship of their gifts, they did not have a reason to give. What a missed opportunity! And, such a simple a solution.


Give your donors a reason to give – or as I say: Love up on them!


Showing your affection requires simple gestures and yet as fundraisers we are often stunted in this area and can’t/won’t/don’t pick up the phone to reach out to a donor to make an appointment or just catch up with them. Just let them know they are loved and they will respond in kind.


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