What we can all learn from a 9-year-old fundraiser

Last week, I received this note in the mail.

  • It came in a simple hand-addressed envelope.
  • No bells or whistles or creative messaging on the outside to get me to open the envelope.
  • The letter was handwritten on a lined piece of paper and only a few sentences long.

And it is the most compelling fundraising letter I have received to date. No joke.



  • It is personalized to me. Not only is my first name used, the whole letter is handwritten.
  • The message is simple and compelling.
  • While I don’t have a connection to the school directly, I do adore the sender of this letter and want to support her efforts for this cause.
  • The ‘ask’ is clear and she has made it easy for me to donate through her step by step directions.
  • There’s a hand drawn picture. The sender took the time to personalize the letter to me.

What Chai has taught us about fundraising letters:

1. Make the message simple and direct.
2. Personalize it to the reader (handwritten, first name, picture)
3. Make it easy to donate.

Not surprisingly, this is not Chai’s first fundraiser. Check her out:



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