Say “thank you” before you say “please”

Great stewardship of donors doesn’t always mean just saying “thank you” after they give you a donation. It means saying thank you all year long.

With the year end appeal upon us, we need to remember to say “thank you” before we say “please”.

The Living Coast Discovery Center sent out the postcard below as a “thank you” to all of their donors and supporters at the beginning of November. It was in preparation to send these same folks the direct mail appeal in December.

Here is great messaging that I worked with a past client, Behavioral Diabetes Institute, to craft and print inside a thanksgiving card like this one:

“As we celebrate the holiday season,

the Behavioral Diabetes Institute

extends Thanksgiving greetings

and warm wishes to those

who have so generously supported

the organization.

The Board of Directors and Staff

of the Behavioral Diabetes Institute.”


I just received this beautiful thank you note in the mail from Jewish Family Services. Well timed and a great message: “In the last 12 months, our Hand Up Youth Food Pantry provided 9,548 families with 274,701 meals and Foodmobile delivered 27,292 meals to homebound individuals. These are single parents, military families, survivors of domestic abuse, refugees, the unemployed, homebound seniors, and families like yours and mine that never thought they’d need help meeting a very basic need – food.” What incredible accomplishments — and as a donor, I helped make this possible! This “thanksgiving” card gives me a great feeling as a donor – that I am part of a bigger effort and was able to help these families in need.


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