Little by little, a little becomes a lot

Do you remember this “I Love Lucy” clip?



Sometimes I think this video is a good example of what is often happening in nonprofits. Nonprofits are often under-staffed and the staff wears multiple hats with to-do lists that are too long and unrealistic. And bless their hearts, nonprofit staff work so hard to get it all done – often staying late and working weekends. Sometimes things don’t get done or they slide off the to-do list because there is not enough time, resources or expertise. It often feels like the chocolates are coming too fast on the conveyer belt and staff members are trying to wrap them or hide them or eat them in order to avoid them not being wrapped.


This same principal applies to our lives as nonprofit leaders. Often we want to make big changes and try to move a mountain in a day without the right resources, expertise or help. Change often doesn’t happen in one day. It is an ongoing, long-term shift in direction.


I found this great saying on a friend’s Facebook page: Little by little, a little becomes a lot.


As you enter the year, remember that it is the little consistent steps and changes that take us to our ultimate goal. The key is pacing and keeping at it every day.


Happy New Year!

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