You want me to do what?

Most Board members struggle with asking their friends for money. I’ve talked about it here and you probably have experienced this in your own nonprofit.


So, imagine my surprise and delight when I received this video in my email inbox from Sasha Clines, Board member for Jeans 4 Justice. Watch her fundraising appeal that she sent out to friends and family to gain donation for her nonprofits. (You will most likely want to recruit her for your Board immediately!).






I had the opportunity to sit down with Sasha and ask her about fundraising as Board member.


RH: Why did you join Jeans 4 Justice (J4) Board of Directors?
SC: I got involved with J4J because their mission spoke to me personally. But I joined the Board because the organizations programs changed my life and their community supported me through that transformation.


RH: Why is it your responsibility to fundraise as a board member?
SC: I think it is key as a Board member to help the growth and sustainability of an organization, a large part of which in the non-profit world is fundraising. Even if you don’t like to ask for money outright you can find ways to connect your organization with people who can make a gift and have a development staff member do the ask or you can utilize tools the organization can provide for you to make the ask easier.


RH: Why create a video to fundraise?
SC: I chose to create a video because I felt that it was the most personal way for me to reach out to my close network. Also, people’s inboxes are flooded with emails and anything that I could add to help it stand out made it more likely to be opened and read which makes a gift all the more likely too.


RH: What is your next idea for fundraising as a Board member?
SC: My next idea for fundraising is to help facilitate presentations to companies like Wells Fargo and Qualcomm where there are opportunities to engage employees to participate in our programs while raising money. The added benefit, companies like Wells Fargo and Qualcomm will usually match dollar for dollar what their employees raise or give to a non-profit which means twice the money for J4J.

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