Direct Mail, stewardship

Thank you! Gracias! Grazi! Toe Chie! Merci!

Once you received all of your year end donations, it is time to say “thank you”!

Great ideas include:

1. Personalized handwritten thank you notes. This one was the best one received from my dear little friend Sage:

2. Pick up the phone. In this technological age, we tend to utilize email or texting to send off our messages. But, I encourage you to reach out and actually call your donors to thank them. It will give you a chance to catch up with them and see how they are doing. This time on the phone will help you deepen your relationships with your donors. Even if you get an answering machine, I bet your message of gratitude will bring a smile to their face.

3. Thank you letter. This is an absolute must! Every donation needs to be recognized with a thank you letter and donation receipt. Here is a great example of both: Year-end thank you letter and Donation Receipt YEA.



Year-end thank you letter











Donation Receipt YEA


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