The Role of a Fundraising Consultant

So just what is the role of the fundraising consultant?


This “demotivation” poster always cracks me up! It also demonstrates the confusion around the role of consultants.

When nonprofit organizations seek to hire a fundraising consultant, there can be misunderstanding about what the organization can expect from working with a consultant. This article excerpt below (from Guide Star here) helps clarify the consultant’s role .

Let’s first clarify what the fundraising consultant role is not.

  • It is not to solicit money for you. That’s the role of the board and, in some cases, the staff.
  • It is not to haul in hundreds of new prospects. The best ones you already know.
  • It’s not to replace the work of staff or board members. It is to supplement their work and enhance their knowledge.

In sum, the role of a consultant is not to raise money for you, it is to help you raise it.

In this regard, what the seasoned consultant will do is:

  • Help you evaluate your needs.
  • Uncover your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Assess your fundraising potential.
  • Outline a plan of action (if you’re ready).
  • Help prepare materials.
  • Conduct trainings.
  • Troubleshoot. And,
  • Serve as a catalyst to keep your campaign moving.


What questions do you have about working with fundraising consultants?

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