Show Your Donors Some Love

Love is in the air. So, go ahead and use the excuse of cupid’s arrow to show some love to your donors.

A couple years ago at the San Diego Alzheimer’s Association, we came up with a great idea to show love to  a specific donor segment: payroll deduction donors and corporate match employee supporters. Sometimes we take for granted our “Steady Eddy” donors who give every single month (or quarter) through their company’s payroll deduction or United Way. These are the donors we were “going steady” with month-after-month, the donors who give often and regularly, the ones you can count on, and the ones that keep our programs funded and operating every day.

So, we wanted to show them some love and make them our sweethearts during February. We partnered with one of our supporters who hosted a gratis lunch for these supporters to say “thank you” for being our Valentine.

Check out the Donor Thank You Template below and here: Thank you Sweethearts Luncheon

Thank you Sweethearts Luncheon 021012

I also received this Valentine’s Day card from the American Heart Association that I thought was sweet – albeit impersonal – and a cute way to tie in their mission “heart” with an appeal.

Valentine's Day Card from American Heart Association 1

Valentine's Day Card from American Heart Association 2


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