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Mother’s Day Appeal

When I was consulting at Alzheimer’s Association, we partnered with one of our key volunteers and donors to create a Mother’s Day Appeal. This was a beautiful way to pay tribute to her mother who has Alzheimer’s but also to reach out to other daughters and family members who have a mother (or father, aunt, uncle, brother, sister) who is suffering from this horrible disease. Check out the beautifully written letter below by Jennifer Frazee Rodi about her mother:


Alzheimer Mother's Day Appeal

Dear Friends and Family,

My Mom has Alzheimer’s. She is in the late stages now. Over the past few years we have helplessly watched her disappear into a world we are no longer a part of. For any of you who have experienced Alzheimer’s or related dementia, you know what I am talking about. She is gone. Not physically, but mentally. I am My Mother’s Daughter and to those of you who have a loved one battling this disease, my story will be all too familiar to you.

She is an amazing woman, who without memories of her own has given us the random gift of our memories of her. I wish I could have a conversation with her now to tell her how much I love and miss her. I wish she could see all of her grandkids growing up. I wish she could relish in all of the accomplishments so many have achieved due to her help, guidance and love. Lastly, I simply wish I could have her back.

Mom lived life to the fullest and those who knew her were richer for it. Her creativity and love for nature was unsurpassed. She found solace walking the shores of her favorite beaches collecting rocks, sea glass, shells and driftwood….and then turning them into beautiful creations.

She has given so much of herself to others over the years. The important “things” we all need to survive in this crazy world: her time and energy, humor and laughter, a huge heart, compassion and empathy, a sense of security, constructive criticism when we needed it and most importantly, unconditional and unwavering love. With all she has given us, I like to think that she still knows that she is deeply loved by everyone she has touched.

This Mother’s Day, I ask you to honor my Mom Leslie and others who have given selflessly, and allow us to give back. We’ve enclosed a donation card and ask that you lend your support to help fight this disease.

Thank-You So Much,

Jennifer Frazee Rodi

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