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Director of Development Compensation

The Association of Fundraising Professionals released their Compensation and Benefits Study 2013.

According to the report, fundraisers make a:

  • Median salary of $71,100
  • Mean (average) salary of $82,028

Top 25 percent of fundraisers earn more than $97,000

Bottom 25 percent earn $53,000 or less

The good news is that average salaries for fundraisers increased in the U.S. and Canada in 2012!

  • 66% of respondents to the study reported salary increases of up to 10 percent
  • 27% reported no change in salary
  • Less than 10 percent reported a decrease

Although the nonprofit sector seems to be a female dominated field, it turns out that it is men who are making 25% more than women.

  • The average salary of male fundraisers is reported to be $102,710
  • Females are paid an average of $76,126

There is a strong correlation between years of experience and compensation.

  • Fundraisers with less than 10 years of experience reported average salaries of $53,000-$73,835
  • Those with 10-14 years of experience reported average salaries of $84,550 
  • Those with 30 or more years of experience averaged $121,678

The possession of a certification credential correlates positively with salary.  In the United States sample, CFREs reported average salaries nearly $22,000 higher than the average for respondents with no certification.

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