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Social Media and Fundraising

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While online giving constitutes only 10% of total philanthropic giving, the average online gift is $146 vs. the average direct mail gift is $38. This build a pretty strong case for your organization to conduct fundraising online. While social media is a wonderful way to help promote fundraising campaigns – it is the messenger, not the message. Read on to learn more about how to strategically utilize social media to support your online fundraising.

Fun Facts about social media and fundraising

  • Social media augments, but does not replace traditional fundraising techniques
  • Social media is a tool to spread your organization’s fundraising message; it won’t create the message
  • Giving drivers for fundraising are still the same (e. still need to send out a year end appeal). Social media spreads the word about the year-end appeal to current and potential supporters
  • Social media is a two-way relationship between the organization and its followers. The organization must engage followers in a meaningful way first, before asking them to support the organization
  • A mature social media following and engagement takes time to build
  • Utilize The organization’s social media followers to spread the word about the organization and its fundraising appeal
  • Since we often/naturally trust our friends over media reporting, utilize the organization’s friends (e. Action Team, Superintendents, education advocates, etc.) to gain support of the organization’s social media through their social media followers
  • Ask a donor to make a $1 donation for each new “like” that the organization gains on Facebook, follower on twitter or new email subscriber
  • Organizations can buy likes on Facebook through an ad function that allows for highly targeted marketing to specific zip codes, demographics, people who would have an affinity towards your cause and any other desired criteria

The “do’s and don’ts” of social media and fundraising

  • Always post a photo with any social media post
  • Successful online fundraising campaigns are visually stunning and engaging
  • Do not conduct a competition on Facebook (e. the first 10 people to make a donation, will receive…); it doesn’t work.
  • Social media is a popularity contest; be outwardly verbal but not desperate; not surprisingly, desperation will not make you popular
  • Never post on social media platforms in the first person; social media outlets are the “voice” of the organization, not a person (even though a person is actually typing the posts)
  • Target the majority of fundraising promotions and efforts through Facebook as it has tools most conducive for this and people are more accustomed to respond to Facebook fundraising pitches
  • Do not use to twitter to make the fundraising pitch; use it for news and updates

3 thoughts on “Social Media and Fundraising”

  1. I liked your article! Go Renee ☺ I noted a few things to remember for our year end mailer.

    You are a rock star – always!

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