Membership Engagement: Effectively Involving Individuals with Your Nonprofit

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  1. I learn more from you then the many books I have read about nonprofit survival techniques. Denny Sanford is an extremely generous philanthropic individual with a kindness that radiates every time he speaks to a group. The National University Philanthropic Institute is going to offer 1 and 2 day seminars, Certificate Program and Master of Arts. How fortunate we are to have this level of expertise in our “backyard.” I do hope you’ll be invited to teach one of the segments. If so, you’ll see me sitting in the front seat!

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom and knowledge with me and other nonprofit individuals.

  2. Susanne Stanford says:

    I could not open the site without filling out a big form. You will have to tell me what this blog says. Off to SF in the a.m. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family.

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