Honorary Board

Are you looking to increase your nonprofit organization’s visibility in the philanthropic community?

Are you looking to attract prominent individuals in your cause’s field, but know they will not have time for the typical board responsibilities and meetings?

The answer: Recruit an Honorary Board.

An Honorary Board is an elite group of men and women who are willing to lend their names in support of your nonprofit organization. The Honorary Board is made up of prominent community members who are committed to your organization’s mission. The members are asked to utilize their community image to help promote and support the organization. In return, members will be recognized generously in the organization’s materials including the letterhead, marketing brochure, website, and social media outlets. Honorary Board members are not required to attend meetings but may do so at the invitation of the Board of Directors.


I was impressed with the invitation that a past client, The San Marcos Promise, sent out to the potential members they wanted to invite to their Honorary Board.

TSMP Honorary Response Card FrontTSMP Honorary Response Card Inside.png

Benefits of an Honorary Board to your organization:

  • Members have name recognition in the community and help promote the organization with their association
  • Opportunity to list members on letterhead
  • Members will provide funding or access to funding
  • Local grantors often grant based on recognition of prominent Board and committee members

TSMP Honorary Board Response Card Front

TSMP Honorary Board Response Card Inside

1 thought on “Honorary Board”

  1. This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks a lot for your help to thousands of people that are yearning to establish local NGOs but are in difficulties to describe the roles and responsibilities of the members of the different organs of their organizations, including me.
    You have done a great thing for me.

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