San Diego Grant Resources


  • Did you know that San Diego is home to 600 grant making foundations with $3,085,409,601 in assets?
  • In 2010, these foundation gave $287,917,313… which accounts for 9% of their assets – exceeding the required amount by 4%!

The Caster Center at USD just published its latest study The Grantmaking Report: Foundation Giving in the San Diego Region for 2010. San Diego is home to over 600 very generous foundations that granted $287,917,313 in 2010 out of their $3,085,409,601 in assets. In addition to local foundations, $200 million in grants from foundations outside of the region are granted to our local nonprofit sector.

Many of us have been under the impression that foundations have been pulling back their funding with the downturn of the economy and foundation’s assets (from which they grant out the required 5% of assets each year). The study tracked the amount of dollars that foundations granted out as their assets increased, decreased or stayed stagnant.

In 2008 when foundation assets decreased by 11%, foundation dollars increased by 19%.

In 2009, when there was no change in foundation assets, they increased their giving by 18% from the year previous.

By 2010, assets had increased by 9%, but giving decreased by 23% from 2009. Despite the drop in giving, San Diego foundations still granted out 9% of their assets in 2010 – exceeding the required amount by 4%!

Grant Research Worksheet Sample

Grant Research Resources

Grant Proposal Outline

  1. Organization’s history, mission, goals
  2. Current programs and activities
  3. Organizational accomplishments
  4. Proposed program or project
  5. Needs, problems, and/or opportunities to be addressed
  6. Target population/geographic community served and how they will benefit.
  7. Project contribution to and impact on the community
  8. Program goals and objectives
  9. Program staff and volunteers’ qualifications and experience
  10. List of other organizations and partners
  11. Timetable for the project
  12. Long-term funding resources for the project
  13. Evaluation

Check out the San Diego Grantmakers Common Grant Application!


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