October 14 seminar: How to Get Your Board “On Board”

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I am excited to be leading this seminar on How to Get Your Board “On Board” graciously hosted by Cavignac & Associates Insurance Brokers… which means they are making it free to YOU!!

This seminar is for you if you can answer “yes” to any of the following questions:

  1. Do your board meetings run for hours and hours without making decisions on or accomplishing important items?
  2. Do your board members all look alike, lacking diversity in ethnicity, age, gender and skills?
  3. Do you have “deadweight” – board members who don’t show up for meetings or follow through on their commitments?
  4. Does your board need a fresh new faces and ideas?
  5. Do you fail to achieve 100% board giving each year?

Through this fun and interactive seminar, you will learn simple steps on how to get your board “on board”. I recommend registering early because it is FREE and the last seminar filled up to capacity early on.

Check out the Flier for all the details and how to RSVP: Cavignac & RCH Board Development Seminar 10-14-15-3


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