Three Pillars of a Great Donation Page

As you prepare for your year-end giving campaign, make sure that your donation web page is set up for successfully receiving donations. Check out Stay Classy’s suggestions:

  1.  Simplicity
    • Priority #1. Make sure people will get through your donation page!
    • Priority #2. Limit external navigation!
  2. Branding
    • Carrying over your branding, messaging and imagery to the donation page maintains all the emotion that motivated site visitors to donate in the first place.
    • Branded donation pages raise 6x the amount that generic pages do.5
    • The average donation to a branded checkout page is 38% larger than that of a generic page
  3. Choice
    • Offer three or four suggested giving levels along with the option to type in an amount of their choice: $100, $500, $1,000, $______



One Comment Add yours

  1. Susanne Stanford says:

    Gorgeous photo of you. And great advice. Love you bunches.


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