Case of the Mondays

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Did you receive a raise last year? The University of San Diego reported in their 2016 State of Nonprofits publication that in 2015, there was an 18% increase of total nonprofit wages.


Sadly, if you are a fundraiser, your salary stayed flat according to the AFP Salary Survey 2015. The mean (average) salary for fundraisers in 2014 for the U.S. was $75,913, a less than one percent increase from the 2013 average of 75,483.


If you are like any nonprofit employee, you have added up the hours you actually work and then divided it by your salary… only to realize that new minimum wage is higher.


Want to generate a raise as a fundraiser? The possession of a certification credential correlates positively with salary.  In the United States sample, CFREs reported average salaries more than $30,000 higher than the average for respondents with no certification.  Those who hold the ACFRE reported average salaries $59,000 higher than non-credentialed individuals.


Overall, the nonprofit sector is growing in terms of employment. There was a 30% increase in nonprofit job listings in 2015 vs. 2014 and 11% increase of nonprofits with paid employees.


San Diego Nonprofit Sector makes up:

  • 9% of total San Diego employment
  • 7% of total San Diego wages


Ultimately, we put in the long hours for little pay because we have heart and we want to make a difference.


Michael Rowan, President and CEO, Goodwill San Diego County, says that working for a nonprofit is not necessarily driven by wages: “We encourage employees to stay at Goodwill by developing a culture that is meaningful to them. Many times it is not the wage that keeps them, it is the mission.”

Just in case your “heart” is not in your nonprofit job today, take a moment to laugh it out with When You Work at a Nonprofit and Nonprofit Problems… assuming your office internet isn’t down. Again.




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