San Diego Nonprofits by the Numbers

10,844 nonprofit organizations within San Diego County

92% have an annual budget under $1,000,000

$18B in revenue brought in my nonprofits annually

$6B in total wages to the region contributed by nonprofits

115,344 nonprofit jobs

88% of people in San Diego have public confidence in nonprofits


What do the numbers mean?

Thanks to the University of San Diego’s Nonprofit Institute, the we have a full report on the State of Nonprofit Organizations.

Although there are a staggering number of nonprofit organizations in San Diego County, many are small nonprofits that are volunteer-driven (another factoid: 88% of all nonprofits have an annual budget under $250,000). In reality, the number of active and staffed nonprofits in San Diego County is probably closer to 800-1,400. Which makes sense that the nonprofit and philanthropic world locally feels (and in reality, is) so small.

And these organizations manage to provide a lot of employment for the County. Nonprofit employment makes up 10% of average monthly San Diego employment and 9% of total San Diego wages. As Dr. Deitrick said, “Nonprofits are an important part of San Diego’s economic engine.”

People in San Diego have the most confidence in nonprofits vs. For Profits (71% public confidence) and Government (55%).

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