Capital Campaigns

Timing is Everything: When is it the right time to launch a capital campaign?

Fitz Process Icons-05One of the fundraising trends we are seeing in the nonprofit sector when it comes to fundraising is the launch of capital campaigns. Part of the reason is due to the positive economy making it the “right time” to conduct a major fundraising campaign because donors are doing well financially. So, when is the right time for an organization to launch a campaign?

A campaign can be launched when the following parameters have been addressed (not necessarily solved):

  1. The organization must have a vision for its future that will go 3-5 years into the future and have identified the funding priorities that will support this vision. Often this is done through a strategic plan. Don’t have a strategic plan? Check out how to create one here and here.
  2. There needs to be consensus, clarity among the board and staff about the vision, funding priorities and action steps to accomplish them.
  3. The organization needs to communicate the vision and funding priorities both orally and in writing.
  4. Began discussions about which current donors could be lead donors to the campaign as well as which volunteers could lead the campaign.
  5. A feasibility study has been conducted.

Want to know what’s next? Check out the full campaign phases timeline here.

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