Capital Campaigns, Leadership

Campaign Leadership

There are 4 elements to a successful campaign. For the overview of all 4 elements, check out my blog here. This blog will focus on the 4th element: Campaign Leadership.elements-of-campaign-leadership

There are a number of leaders that you will need to successfully complete a capital campaign.

Lead Donor

  • Makes the lead gift to the campaign
  • Publicly announces his/her/their gift within their networks to encourage others to give through example

How to find the lead donor? Often the lead donor is an individual or couple who is a current donor to the organization and has giving capacity beyond their annual donation

The Board Chair

  • Makes the first gift to the campaign to set the example for the whole board.
  • They inspire and challenge everyone to be involved with the campaign by making the organization a top philanthropic priority
  • Makes solicitations
  • Opens doors, make introductions, and cultivates relationships with donors
  • Actively thank donors and participate in stewardship

Campaign Co-Chairs

Role & Responsibilities:

  • Makes a significant lead gift to the campaign
  • A known leader in the community, especially in affiliation with the organization
  • A leader within the organization

How to find a campaign co-chair? Often your organization’s current board chair becomes the campaign chair or potential chairs are identified and recruited during the feasibility study process.

Campaign Committee 

  • Small and mighty is good (6-12 people)
  • Makes a significant gift to the campaign
  • Attend monthly meetings
  • Host home parties
  • Invite their friends and networks to cultivation events
  • Solicit donors for the campaign
  • Note: Members will cycle on and then off, renewing the campaign’s energy and outreach. New members will need to be continually recruited

How to find a campaign committee members? Committee members can be current board members, current donors, active volunteers, and individuals who have vast networks.

Development Staff

  • Manage the campaign donor list
  • Create the campaign brochure and all donor communication documents (with input from campaign chairs and committee)
  • Manage the receipt and payment on campaign pledges
  • “Staff” the campaign committee by creating agendas and materials; follow up from work created at the committee meetings
  • Note: Often an additional development staff member is needed during the campaign in order to support ongoing annual fund efforts as well as launch new campaign fundraising efforts

Campaign Advocates

  • Positively represent the project in the community
  • Utilize their community standing and influence with local politics and/or community groups
  • Serve as a campaign spokesperson

How to find a campaign advocate? Advocates can be found within the organization’s current volunteer pool or they can be a very visible community member that is recruited to advocate for the campaign.



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