Capital Campaigns

Why Go the Smarter Way?

In fall of 2017, Sierra Nevada Journeys (SNJ) hired The Fitz Team to provide The Smarter Way Campaign services. What are the Smarter Way Campaign services? Read about it here.

Sierra Nevada Journeys’ capital campaign goal is to raise $5 million to purchase Grizzly Creek Ranch where they have been hosting their summer camps and year-round school programs for 100,000+ students each year.

The beauty of Fitz’s Smarter Way Campaign services is that SNJ was able to successfully solicit donors DURING the Feasibility Study. At the end of the services (June 2018), SNJ had fundraised $2,817,000 towards their $5,000,000 campaign goal BEFORE they even launched the Quiet Phase. Additional successes were:

  • Identified 150 donors to cultivate
  • Successfully completed a $1,000,000 challenge match
  • Solicited all Board members for a campaign gift
  • Solicited an additional $300,000 from donors and awaiting confirmation of these donations
  • Engaged thirty-nine (39) individuals to participate in the feasibility study
  • Over half of the survey participants will or may personally consider making a gift to SNJ’s campaign
  • Recruited Campaign Working Committee members
  • Recruited Campaign Working Committee Chair, former UNR Chancellor, Daniel Klaich
  • Recruited Campaign Honorary Committee members including Governor Brian Sandoval and Chet Hewitt, CEO of Sierra Health Foundation

Interested in hiring The Fitz Team to lead you along The Smarter Way to plan, launch and complete your capital campaign? Email us here.

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