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How to Write The Fundraising Plan Your Nonprofit Needs

A Fundraising Plan is a nonprofit's road map to donors, foundations, corporations and other funding revenue sources. To create your roadmap, you need to know your destination or how much you want to raise. Ask yourself (and your Executive Director and Board Fundraising Chair) these two questions: How much did you fundraise last year in… Continue reading How to Write The Fundraising Plan Your Nonprofit Needs

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Annual Fund Giving for Independent Schools

Fitz Nonprofit Consulting has been fortunate to work with over a dozen private and independent schools. One of the great challenges for these schools is fundraising. Parents of students are the no greater cause than investing in their child. However, engaging current parents as donors is a challenge. Why? Because they are already paying tuition… Continue reading Annual Fund Giving for Independent Schools

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The “Magic” in Major Donor Fundraising

When I meet with potential clients, they often think I have a magic wand in my purse that I will wave all around their offices and things will magically change for the better. Like, new donors will instantly start giving or current donors will double their donations. Presto-chango! Instant increased fundraising!! What I have found… Continue reading The “Magic” in Major Donor Fundraising

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Top 3 Strategies to Win Corporate Sponsors

The best return on the investment of a corporate sponsor is helping out the charity, but it doesn't hurt if they receive a few (or more) perks! The best sponsorship packages offer value to the sponsor through the following strategies. First Strategy: Provide a ROI Obviously, the biggest Return on Investment (ROI) for a sponsor is… Continue reading Top 3 Strategies to Win Corporate Sponsors

Corporate Philanthropy

TeamBuilding through Corporate Philanthropy

Corporate philanthropy works best when there is a true partnership in place. As we know from my Huff Post article, there needs to be a return on the investment for the corporation. What if the ROI brought not only dollars, but also volunteers and meaningful skilled labor to the organization that directly benefitted the nonprofit’s… Continue reading TeamBuilding through Corporate Philanthropy