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Annual Fund Giving for Independent Schools

Fitz Nonprofit Consulting has been fortunate to work with over a dozen private and independent schools. One of the great challenges for these schools is fundraising. Parents of students are the no greater cause than investing in their child. However, engaging current parents as donors is a challenge. Why? Because they are already paying tuition… Continue reading Annual Fund Giving for Independent Schools

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“Heart String” stories: Telling Your Organization’s Story

“If you want people to understand and identify with a complicated concept, tell a story about it.” -Donald Miller, Author and Storyteller   This video demonstrates that how you tell your story will change how people will respond – and will result in donations to your nonprofit organization.   Andy Goodman, author of… Continue reading “Heart String” stories: Telling Your Organization’s Story

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Social Media and Fundraising

While online giving constitutes only 10% of total philanthropic giving, the average online gift is $146 vs. the average direct mail gift is $38. This build a pretty strong case for your organization to conduct fundraising online. While social media is a wonderful way to help promote fundraising campaigns - it is the messenger, not the… Continue reading Social Media and Fundraising

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Sample donation request letter and donation card

When your hand is out asking for donations, it is always nice to have a beautiful letter to express why you need donations and how a donor can help your organization. These beautifully crafted letters take time and creativity to author. To give you a head start, I'm posting my sample donation letter to give… Continue reading Sample donation request letter and donation card

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Thank you! Gracias! Grazi! Toe Chie! Merci!

Once you received all of your year end donations, it is time to say "thank you"! Great ideas include: 1. Personalized handwritten thank you notes. This one was the best one received from my dear little friend Sage: 2. Pick up the phone. In this technological age, we tend to utilize email or texting to send… Continue reading Thank you! Gracias! Grazi! Toe Chie! Merci!

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Direct appeal winner: Opportunity International

I recently received this fundraising appeal from Opportunity International in the mail. In my humble opinion, they did a terrific job with this appeal. The messaging is simple: girls are not in school. The donor can help change this: $1 a day will allow girls to go to school. The keys to their success: Pictures of… Continue reading Direct appeal winner: Opportunity International

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Capital Campaign Killed the Annual Fund

I have the song “Video killed the radio star” buzzing through my head right now. It seems appropriate for the title of this blog: Capital Campaign Killed the Annual Fund. When preparing for a capital campaign, one of the poignant discussions is how the capital campaign will cannibalize the annual fund. Often, I will advise… Continue reading Capital Campaign Killed the Annual Fund