Direct Mail

Direct appeal winner: Opportunity International

I recently received this fundraising appeal from Opportunity International in the mail. In my humble opinion, they did a terrific job with this appeal. The messaging is simple: girls are not in school. The donor can help change this: $1 a day will allow girls to go to school. The keys to their success: Pictures of… Continue reading Direct appeal winner: Opportunity International

Capital Campaigns, Direct Mail

Capital Campaign Killed the Annual Fund

I have the song “Video killed the radio star” buzzing through my head right now. It seems appropriate for the title of this blog: Capital Campaign Killed the Annual Fund. When preparing for a capital campaign, one of the poignant discussions is how the capital campaign will cannibalize the annual fund. Often, I will advise… Continue reading Capital Campaign Killed the Annual Fund

Direct Mail, stewardship

Say “thank you” before you say “please”

Great stewardship of donors doesn't always mean just saying "thank you" after they give you a donation. It means saying thank you all year long. With the year end appeal upon us, we need to remember to say "thank you" before we say "please". The Living Coast Discovery Center sent out the postcard below as a… Continue reading Say “thank you” before you say “please”

Direct Mail

What we can all learn from a 9-year-old fundraiser

Last week, I received this note in the mail. It came in a simple hand-addressed envelope. No bells or whistles or creative messaging on the outside to get me to open the envelope. The letter was handwritten on a lined piece of paper and only a few sentences long. And it is the most compelling… Continue reading What we can all learn from a 9-year-old fundraiser