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Conquering the Fear of Asking

I am reposting this blog from a colleague, Mark Fackler, who wrote a very candid and intriguing post about his personal fudnraising over a course of a year. The original post is here and below. In my mid-twenties, I developed a motto for my life that was “face your fear.” Over the years, after much… Continue reading Conquering the Fear of Asking

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Guest Blog Post: The Erosion of Trust

Trust is eroding. Public figures are more public than they ever have been, due to the expanding nature of social media and the news cycles. Everything they do is shared, documented, questioned, discussed. And they’re lying. Blatantly. I’m not talking about political rhetoric or grand, un-achievable promises. I’m talking about specific actions that are knowingly… Continue reading Guest Blog Post: The Erosion of Trust