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Director of Development Compensation

The Association of Fundraising Professionals released their Compensation and Benefits Study 2013. According to the report, fundraisers make a: Median salary of $71,100 Mean (average) salary of $82,028 Top 25 percent of fundraisers earn more than $97,000 Bottom 25 percent earn $53,000 or less The good news is that average salaries for fundraisers increased in… Continue reading Director of Development Compensation

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Gone Fundraiser.

“We just can’t find good development directors, and when we do make a hire, they don’t perform well or they leave too soon!” In the past six months, I have had a couple of nonprofits approach me to reconfigure their development departments. Both have had an absence of a Director of Development for over a… Continue reading Gone Fundraiser.

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The Clothes Make the Fundraiser

  In this month’s San Diego Magazine, Tim Gunn (Fashion Guru and host of Project Runway) was quoted:   I always say, “I’d much rather be overdressed [than underdressed]. Better to be overdressed and showing respect for whatever the occasion!”   In the fundraising world, it pays to be and look professional.  Your job as… Continue reading The Clothes Make the Fundraiser

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The 3 skills of an effective fundraiser

I was recently asked what three skills were needed to be an effective fundraising professional. I thought about the fundraisers I admire and often try to emulate. These were the fundraisers who have effectively built incredible relationships with wealthy philanthropists and knew when and how to call on them when the organization needed their support. These… Continue reading The 3 skills of an effective fundraiser