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How-To-Guide: Kickstart your individual donor fundraising!

Do you want to start fundraising from individuals for your nonprofit, but not sure were to start? Here are some easy steps to kick start your individual donor giving program: First and foremost, you need a website! You can use free services like WordPress to create a website quickly and without needing to know all the… Continue reading How-To-Guide: Kickstart your individual donor fundraising!

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Work and Play

In the last class I taught, one of my students asked me:   How do you balance the friendship/professional relationship if the majority of your Board members are people you befriended before asking them to be on your Board?       Michael Scott understands your plight.   This is a tricky question with (hopefully)… Continue reading Work and Play

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Founder’s Syndrome: Developing a Transition Plan and Exit Strategy for the Founder

Eventually, it will be time for the Founder to exit stage right from his or her organization. Often this is the same time that an organization shifts from the seat-of-the-pants growth to well-planned and managed development. As a Founder, it is hard to imagine your organization operating day-to-day without you. It is quite possible that… Continue reading Founder’s Syndrome: Developing a Transition Plan and Exit Strategy for the Founder

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If everyone gave just $1, we would make budget

Classic Fundraising Scenario: You’ve sent out 100 funding proposals to high net worth individuals, foundations, corporations as well as County and City entities.  Now what? The response is that they want to see a track record and results before they will fund.  The challenge is that you need funds to operate a program in order… Continue reading If everyone gave just $1, we would make budget

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Simple Fundraising Event

Although event fundraising is not my favorite avenue, it is a great place to start.  In order to begin fundraising for the Women Film Foundation, we hosted “happy hour fundraisers.” This was a good venue for me because I was in my early 20’s and so were my friends.  Neither of us had much money,… Continue reading Simple Fundraising Event

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$$$$$$: Fundraising for a New Nonprofit

Fundraising for a new nonprofit is challenging… to say the least.  You will need to determine how you will sustain the activities of your organization through fundraising.  There are three main methods of fundraising: Individual Donations, Grants and Corporate Donations.  This chapter will discuss how to create a basic fundraising plan, develop a case statement… Continue reading $$$$$$: Fundraising for a New Nonprofit