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The final phase of any capital campaign is the Celebration of meeting (or exceeding) the goal and recognizing all of those involved who made the campaign a success. The University of San Diego (USD) just finished an eight-year comprehensive campaign, Leading Change: The Campaign for USD, to raise a total of $300 million+. The comprehensive campaign raised… Continue reading Celebration

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Donor Stewardship

“Donor stewardship is about elevating the donor experience.” I had a chance to sit down with Christina Todosow, Fitz’s ‘Of Counsel’ Consultant and Director of Stewardship at Rady Children’s Hospital, to talk about donor stewardship. Christina believe that donor stewardship is about elevating the donor experience through thoughtful opportunities and communications that recognize, inform, and… Continue reading Donor Stewardship

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The “Magic” in Major Donor Fundraising

When I meet with potential clients, they often think I have a magic wand in my purse that I will wave all around their offices and things will magically change for the better. Like, new donors will instantly start giving or current donors will double their donations. Presto-chango! Instant increased fundraising!! What I have found… Continue reading The “Magic” in Major Donor Fundraising

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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: How-to-Instagram-for-Good

Did you know that 53% of donors will leave a nonprofit because of a lack of communication?  Thanks to our modern technology, nonprofits can communicate in less than 140 words and with one photo to keep donors engaged. Instagram is a simple as snapping a photo and sharing it online. The key to making it an effective… Continue reading A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: How-to-Instagram-for-Good

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Sample Annual Report: It’s That Time of the Year

It's January and hopefully you are coming off of a successful year-end giving season and that you made (or surpassed) your goal. Now it is time to report to donors on how their money is being put to good use. We call it "stewardship" in the fundraising business. Many nonprofits utilize Annual Reports to show… Continue reading Sample Annual Report: It’s That Time of the Year

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Thank you! Gracias! Grazi! Toe Chie! Merci!

Once you received all of your year end donations, it is time to say "thank you"! Great ideas include: 1. Personalized handwritten thank you notes. This one was the best one received from my dear little friend Sage: 2. Pick up the phone. In this technological age, we tend to utilize email or texting to send… Continue reading Thank you! Gracias! Grazi! Toe Chie! Merci!

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Say “thank you” before you say “please”

Great stewardship of donors doesn't always mean just saying "thank you" after they give you a donation. It means saying thank you all year long. With the year end appeal upon us, we need to remember to say "thank you" before we say "please". The Living Coast Discovery Center sent out the postcard below as a… Continue reading Say “thank you” before you say “please”