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Ask for Advice, Get Money Twice

. Although the artist Pitbull is not my usual “go to” for fundraising advice, his latest pop song "Feel This Moment" featuring Christina Aguilera has solid fundraising advice:   Ask for money, and get advice Ask for advice, get money twice. . There is something very valid in Pitbull’s lyrics. When approaching potential donors, it is… Continue reading Ask for Advice, Get Money Twice

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Sample donation request letter and donation card

When your hand is out asking for donations, it is always nice to have a beautiful letter to express why you need donations and how a donor can help your organization. These beautifully crafted letters take time and creativity to author. To give you a head start, I'm posting my sample donation letter to give… Continue reading Sample donation request letter and donation card

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Conquering the Fear of Asking

I am reposting this blog from a colleague, Mark Fackler, who wrote a very candid and intriguing post about his personal fudnraising over a course of a year. The original post is here and below. In my mid-twenties, I developed a motto for my life that was “face your fear.” Over the years, after much… Continue reading Conquering the Fear of Asking