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Social Enterprise for Nonprofits

the last decade, social enterprises - like Tom's Shoes, One Hope Winery and FEED – have become a popular way of doing business successfully. The concept is simple: Make and sell a product whose sales will go directly to financially support and create visibility for a charitable cause. Given the success of social enterprises in… Continue reading Social Enterprise for Nonprofits

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Meet Hannah Berger, Fitz’s Senior Consultant

Hannah Berger, M.P.A, began working with Fitz Nonprofit Consulting in the spring of 2016. Since then, she has become an invaluable member of the Fitz Team and my "partner-in-fundraising-crime". Hannah's specialty is as a philanthropy coach to nonprofit staff and board leaders. She pulls on her incredible experience and expertise in working with major donors… Continue reading Meet Hannah Berger, Fitz’s Senior Consultant


San Diego Nonprofits by the Numbers

10,844 nonprofit organizations within San Diego County 92% have an annual budget under $1,000,000 $18B in revenue brought in my nonprofits annually $6B in total wages to the region contributed by nonprofits 115,344 nonprofit jobs 88% of people in San Diego have public confidence in nonprofits   What do the numbers mean? Thanks to the… Continue reading San Diego Nonprofits by the Numbers

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Conducting a Successful Capital Campaign

A Feasibility Study is based on four Predictive Indicators for Success that aid in determining how an organization can be successful. An urgent and compelling case for support motivates constituents to make the number and size of contributions necessary to meet a significant campaign goal. It must have: A reason for raising money that clearly reflects… Continue reading Conducting a Successful Capital Campaign

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Campaign Volunteer Leadership: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

By Renee Fitzgerald   I was fortunate to host a panel discussion at the USD Governance Symposium last week with three incredible panelists: Jay Hill, CEO, Library Foundation ($185 million capital campaign) Dr. Tim O’Malley, VP External Relationship ($300 million capital campaign) Don Stump, CEO, North County Lifeline (launching a campaign)   My panel of… Continue reading Campaign Volunteer Leadership: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly


Less-Than-Glamorous Essentials: Overhead Myth Revisted

I like the article that The Chronicle of Philanthropy published about funders giving significant donations to nonprofit overhead or as the article calls it "less-than-glamorous essentials". It is exciting to see that funders are giving "general operating grants — the type of flexible funding that charities seek most..." Read the full article here and revisit my Huffington Post… Continue reading Less-Than-Glamorous Essentials: Overhead Myth Revisted