My Philanthropic Predictions for 2017

2017 promises to bring change and hopefully a better future. The building strength of the economy will continue to positively increase philanthropy this year. Below are my philanthropic predictions for this New Year.       Generosity rising. 2017 will bring another increase in total philanthropic giving by ~4% to reach a new high of over $388 … More My Philanthropic Predictions for 2017

Top 3 Strategies to Win Corporate Sponsors

The best return on the investment of a corporate sponsor is helping out the charity, but it doesn’t hurt if they receive a few (or more) perks! The best sponsorship packages offer value to the sponsor through the following strategies. First Strategy: Provide a ROI Obviously, the biggest Return on Investment (ROI) for a sponsor is … More Top 3 Strategies to Win Corporate Sponsors

Case of the Mondays

Did you receive a raise last year? The University of San Diego reported in their 2016 State of Nonprofits publication that in 2015, there was an 18% increase of total nonprofit wages.   Sadly, if you are a fundraiser, your salary stayed flat according to the AFP Salary Survey 2015. The mean (average) salary for fundraisers … More Case of the Mondays

Less-Than-Glamorous Essentials: Overhead Myth Revisted

I like the article that The Chronicle of Philanthropy published about funders giving significant donations to nonprofit overhead or as the article calls it “less-than-glamorous essentials”. It is exciting to see that funders are giving “general operating grants — the type of flexible funding that charities seek most…” Read the full article here and revisit my Huffington Post … More Less-Than-Glamorous Essentials: Overhead Myth Revisted