Women and Philanthropy

Women and Philanthropy Last month, I was honored to host two of San Diego’s leading women philanthropists, Linda Katz and Gayle Tauber, to discuss the role of women and philanthropy. They shared their own experiences as philanthropists, what led them to establish Women Give San Diego and the role that development directors and nonprofit organizations… More Women and Philanthropy

The Role of a Fundraising Consultant

So just what is the role of the fundraising consultant? This “demotivation” poster always cracks me up! It also demonstrates the confusion around the role of consultants. When nonprofit organizations seek to hire a fundraising consultant, there can be misunderstanding about what the organization can expect from working with a consultant. This article excerpt below (from… More The Role of a Fundraising Consultant

Pitch! Can you effectively pitch your nonprofit in 180 seconds?

Last fall (2012), I was lucky enough to participate in San Diego Social Venture Partners, Advance! San Diego 2012 where 10 San Diego nonprofits competed in an electrifying competition for $50,000 in cash and in-kind services. As a mentor, I was paired up with a nonprofit who needed to develop a 180-second pitch to effectively… More Pitch! Can you effectively pitch your nonprofit in 180 seconds?

Gone Fundraiser.

“We just can’t find good development directors, and when we do make a hire, they don’t perform well or they leave too soon!” In the past six months, I have had a couple of nonprofits approach me to reconfigure their development departments. Both have had an absence of a Director of Development for over a… More Gone Fundraiser.