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Meet Hannah Berger, Fitz’s Senior Consultant

Hannah Berger, M.P.A, began working with Fitz Nonprofit Consulting in the spring of 2016. Since then, she has become an invaluable member of the Fitz Team and my "partner-in-fundraising-crime". Hannah's specialty is as a philanthropy coach to nonprofit staff and board leaders. She pulls on her incredible experience and expertise in working with major donors… Continue reading Meet Hannah Berger, Fitz’s Senior Consultant

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“I can’t ask my friends for money”

How often have we heard that line from our Board and committee members and other volunteers? Often they are willing to give to your organization themselves, but are terrified at the thought of asking their friends. Here are some suggestions on how to calm their fears: When developing the potential donor list, you asked your… Continue reading “I can’t ask my friends for money”


Give. Get. Or Get Off.

I’m a strong believer that each nonprofit organization should have a specific dollar amount annual contribution for Board members. Some will argue this with me; however, I have seen many organizations struggle with collecting donations from their Board members. Even with Board members who can actually afford the dues. Have you experienced this with your… Continue reading Give. Get. Or Get Off.


I spy… a new Board member.

After completing the Board Member Assessment Worksheet (Blog: A Bored Board, March 1, 2010), you may immediately realize that your Board lacks diversity -- of gender, age and ethnicity. So, you immediately work to seek out diverse businessmen and women in your community. And what happens? Often you find a plethora of middle-aged white male… Continue reading I spy… a new Board member.