Board Retreat

I was lucky enough to facilitate the Greater Golden Hill Community Development Corporation’s fundraising portion of their Board retreat a couple of weeks ago. Board retreats are a great opportunity for Board and staff to meet and address head-on some of the more challenging issues facing the organization. Holding the retreat offsite (if possible), gives … More Board Retreat

Give. Get. Or Get Off.

I’m a strong believer that each nonprofit organization should have a specific dollar amount annual contribution for Board members. Some will argue this with me; however, I have seen many organizations struggle with collecting donations from their Board members. Even with Board members who can actually afford the dues. Have you experienced this with your … More Give. Get. Or Get Off.

Recruit Depot.

Now that you’ve put together a great list of potential Board members, it is time to recruit them. The first step is to reach out to each nominated potential Board member with a letter of interest and a one-page Board of Directors Overview that gives an overview of the organization, the need for new Board … More Recruit Depot.

Dead Weight.

So, you’ve completed the Board Member Assessment Worksheet and you realize that you have some pretty talented and skilled Board members. However, you may have also discovered that some of your Board members are not contributing a valuable skill, talent or demographic. What do you do about this “dead weight”? The easy answer is: find … More Dead Weight.