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X + Y = $

I’m excited to announce that I will be speaking at the upcoming San Diego AFP Luncheon on June 4, 2010 (11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.) on Philanthropy Through a Generational Lens (http://www.afpsd.org/). I will be on a panel with three other wonderful folks: Emily Davis (EDA Consulting), Charlene Seidle (Jewish Community Foundation) and Adam Svet… Continue reading X + Y = $

Board, Major Gifts

“I can’t ask my friends for money”

How often have we heard that line from our Board and committee members and other volunteers? Often they are willing to give to your organization themselves, but are terrified at the thought of asking their friends. Here are some suggestions on how to calm their fears: When developing the potential donor list, you asked your… Continue reading “I can’t ask my friends for money”

Major Gifts

Teamwork: Major Gifts Campaign Committee

To conduct a successful major gifts campaign, you are will need the help and engagement of a Major Gift Campaign Committee. This Committee consists of Board members, current donors and key volunteers in the community who are well connected in the community and interested in helping you reach out for significant donations. The first step… Continue reading Teamwork: Major Gifts Campaign Committee