Founder’s Syndrome: Developing a Transition Plan and Exit Strategy for the Founder

Eventually, it will be time for the Founder to exit stage right from his or her organization. Often this is the same time that an organization shifts from the seat-of-the-pants growth to well-planned and managed development. As a Founder, it is hard to imagine your organization operating day-to-day without you. It is quite possible that … More Founder’s Syndrome: Developing a Transition Plan and Exit Strategy for the Founder

If everyone gave just $1, we would make budget

Classic Fundraising Scenario: You’ve sent out 100 funding proposals to high net worth individuals, foundations, corporations as well as County and City entities.  Now what? The response is that they want to see a track record and results before they will fund.  The challenge is that you need funds to operate a program in order … More If everyone gave just $1, we would make budget

$$$$$$: Fundraising for a New Nonprofit

Fundraising for a new nonprofit is challenging… to say the least.  You will need to determine how you will sustain the activities of your organization through fundraising.  There are three main methods of fundraising: Individual Donations, Grants and Corporate Donations.  This chapter will discuss how to create a basic fundraising plan, develop a case statement … More $$$$$$: Fundraising for a New Nonprofit

All Aboard!

Next step is to recruit people to help you initially implement your idea.  For me, this was my roommate and my nonprofit mentor (who later became the Executive Director of the organization).  The three of us formed the original Board of Trustees for the nonprofit exempt paperwork. Founders are accused of not being professional by … More All Aboard!

Defining Your Passion

While writing your nonprofit paperwork, you will begin to define the passion that sparked the idea for founding a nonprofit.  The first step is to talk to anyone and everyone who will listen about your idea.  Meet with local nonprofit founders to find out how they got started.  Share with them your idea and ask … More Defining Your Passion